Cafe Management System

Jay Patel
3 min readJul 22, 2021


Cafe Management System is based on a concept to maintain orders and management of a particular items. This project is developed in C#.NET using C# language and Microsoft SQL database used. The role of the User is to maintain information including operations like modifying, deleting, updating the items records and customer order records in the system.

Cafe Management System is a windows form application developed in C# programming language to carry out and manage basic cafe operations efficiently. This win application is perfect for a cafe or small coffee shop owners where they are in need of an application to run and simply ease out their day to day managerial task.


Web Technologies : ASP.NET 2.0

Language : C#

Database : SQL SERVER

Tools/IDE : Visual Studio 2019

In this Project Application starts with a nice looking login form which will be connected to a database.

From The Login Form, one can connect as a guest and he will be able to perform the operation of ordering drink and beverage and sell them to the client.

If the user is already created in the database, from the login form the user will be able to enter the username and password. If the id and password match the database entries, the user will login to the Order Form and the user will be able to access to the Item and User form. Also this application, one can select a menu or items along within its quantity/number.

From the user form, one can add user name, phone and password.In this edit button Edit all th details. Also delete and view users who exist in the system.

From Item Form one can add, edit or update, and view all the items present in the system.

The User can also see all the orders and print the summary of each order. This order should contain the date of the order, the seller who performed that order, the order number and the total amount of the order. The User can filter the Items based on category(Food or Beverage). They can also calculate the total cost of their customer added automatically without any difficulty or interruption.

Finally, the cafe management system also has the ability to the user can print the summary of each order generate a bill/receipt withing their computer anywhere they like.