Jay Patel
3 min readOct 29, 2021

AIM:- Using image data, predict the gender and age range of an individual in Python. Test the data science model using your own image.

This blog is about how we predict gender and age from a given image using OpenCV and the machine learning library.

Age and Gender have always been important features of our identity. It is also an important factor in our social life. Predictions of age and Gender made with AI can be applied to many areas such as intelligent human-machine interface development, security, cosmetics, electronic commerce.

OpenCV is short for Open Source Computer Vision. Intuitively by the name, it is an open-source Computer Vision and Machine Learning library. This library is capable of processing real-time images and videos while also boasting analytical capabilities.

We will use OpenCV to accurately identify the gender and age of a person from a single image of a face. The predicted gender may be one of ‘Male’ and ‘Female’, and the predicted age may be one of the following ranges- (0–2), (4–6), (8–12), (15–20), (25–32), (38–43), (48–53), (60–100).

The steps we must take are as follows.

Step 1: Importing libraries

Step 2: Finding bounding box coordinates

Step 3: Loading model and weight files

Step 4: Mentioning age and gender category list

Step 5: Function to predict gender and age

Step 6: Uploading photo

Final result:

In this blog, We have learned how to create an Age predictor that can also detect your face and highlight it with the border.

You can find the code below