Jay Patel
3 min readOct 28, 2021

AIM:-How to build a Power BI report

This blog is about how we build a PowerBI report using PowerBI.

A Power BI report is a multi-perspective view of a dataset, with visuals that represent different findings and insights from that dataset. A report can have a single visual or pages full of visuals. … You also may be a business user who consumes or uses reports.

Let`s start to create a report in PowerBI.

  1. To create a report first we require a dataset. So here I am going to use sample data set which is by default available into PowerBi.

Fig. Selecting the dataset

Here I am using the “Procurement Analysis Sample” dataset.

2. After successfully adding the dataset, Click on your dataset to create a new report. Now you can see a blank canvas.

3. Here I am going to visualize the data. Also below the image, you can see the visualizations and fields of the dataset.

Fig. visualizations and fields of the dataset

4. Now I am going to create the pie-chart,map-chart, and Stacked area chart. For all the chart visualization you can see in the below image.

Fig. Chart visualization

5. After that I going to save my report as report_1.

Fig. Save your report

6. After that I am going to create live dashboard from the report.

Fig. Pinto dashboard

7. You can see that our dashboard will available as live on the web as well as in the mobile layout.

Fig. Live View in mobile layout


I hope you will understand these things…